Congratulations Stephen! You're a LEGO designer!

Stephen and his Lego

It is with the greatest sense of pride that I congratulate my best friend Stephen upon his LEGO Cuusoo project being selected for production!

I had Stephen on my podcast The Dr. Sci-Fi Show back when his set was in review. We talked about the building concept and how he was working to promote science and space exploration through the model.

Listen here: 003 Mars Curiosity Rover with engineer Stephen Pakbaz

LEGO already has a wonderful partnership with NASA and JPL, the set is small enough to be affordable and interest in Curiosity is at an all time high right now.

Three projects were selected for the fall 2012 quarterly review over at LEGO Cuusoo, Stephen's Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover, a UCS Sandcrawler, and a Portal set. I knew from the start that Stephen's set would blow away the competition. It aced all of the challenges from LEGO Cuusoo. Brand Fit Analysis, Business Case Development, & Model Design.

You can read LEGO Cuusoo's official release post about the Curiosity Rover set. As well as check out Stephen's Flickr page  for this and other space models.

Lego Cuusoo will be releasing set #004 Back to the Future Time Machine  this July. Expect set #005 Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover in January 2014!

Once again, congratulations Stephen! 

If you are wondering how LEGO Cuusoo works, check out their info video below! 

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