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From Alpha to Omega, I dive into the Sci-Fi uses of the greek alphabet.​ I find 13 of the 24 letters.

Moonbase Alpha - Space 1999​
The legendary moonbase from the hit 1975 television show starts our list. Spanning over 4 kilometers in diameter, Moonbase Alpha is the home of the star flung Alphans from Earth.

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Time for Time Travel Talk

Time travel is a fascinating subject considering its impossibility due to the laws of physics (punks). While we are "all" time travelers in a sense, moving forward at a rate of 1:1 just doesn't have the same excitement as mixing it up and jumping through time like its a water park slide. I am quite a movie fanatic and a good portion of my collection deal with time travel in one way or the other. Upon gazing across the DVD's I began to notice there were patterns between these different takes on impossibility. While new methods of time travel storytelling are always popping up, the classics fall into a few categories worth discussing. Note: Much of the discussion below involves plot spoilers.

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Sci-Fi Stars Part 1 - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Space. Ships. Stars.Traveling among the stars has always been a staple of science fiction. Some of the best sci-fi even centers its title around the word "star." I will be exploring several examples that fit this criteria. Several bloggers are using this week's anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation to report about their experience with the legendary show. So it is a fitting starting point that I recant my own tales and adventures surrounding ST:TNG.

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Dr.Sci-Fi on the Sci-Fi Cast

Well I am sci-fi speechless! I am a huge fan of the 70's decibels network. Entrepreneur Myke Hurley drew several amazing shows together into an impressive network of tech, geek, productivity and mac podcasts. Instacast, my podcatcher of choice sits firmly on my home screen because of these shows. My favorite show on the network is The Sci-fi Cast.

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