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Dr.Sci-Fi on the Sci-Fi Cast

Well I am sci-fi speechless! I am a huge fan of the 70's decibels network. Entrepreneur Myke Hurley drew several amazing shows together into an impressive network of tech, geek, productivity and mac podcasts. Instacast, my podcatcher of choice sits firmly on my home screen because of these shows. My favorite show on the network is The Sci-fi Cast.

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My Sci-Fi Man Cave

After my The Abyss - Guy Night my man cave was in a cleaner state than usual so I'll take this opportunity to curate my sci-fi infused den of geekery. Please don't read this list of items as a show of vanity, for I will show you the special significance of each sci-fi and nerdtastic item in this room.

Papercraft Back to the Future III Time Train My best friend Stephen made me this exquisite papercraft model for my birthday. He even constructed the rails the train sits on out of paper and glue. I don't have a BTTF:III Delorean but my Mr. Fusion version from BTTF:II will be a suitable stand-in.

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