Trek Podcast Month

It's finally here! After several weeks of scheduling, recording and editing The Dr. Sci-Fi Show is launching it's first month long special. Trek Podcast Month As they say I'm not just a podcaster, I'm also a listener (nobody says that) and many of the shows I listen to are about Star Trek. Without any latinum changing hands five of my favorite shows have agreed to a crossover episode where we talk about their podcast, how they got started and what kind of show they wish to create each week.

Trek Podcast Month features a dozen hosts between five spectacular Star Trek shows. Each one bringing its own unique take to the franchise. Some plan to cover each episode of a Star Trek series (or every series). Others focus on news, interviews and commentary.

The Ready Room (08/02/13) - Listen Now

Our first guest is Christopher Jones from Tokyo Japan. He is the founder and publisher of and host of several of their podcasts including. The Ready Room, Literary Treks, The Orb, Matter Stream, and his newest show Warp Five.

"An enhanced audio podcast hosted by Christopher Jones, The Rady Room is a casual discussion show split into two sections: news and feature. In each episode Chris and guests discuss several Star Trek news stories as well as delve into a feature topic such as a focus on a series, a movie, Star Trek history, concepts, and even its future. The feature is a panel discussion with one or two guests per show."

Starfleet Escape Podcast (08/09/13) - Listen Now

My second interview invites Aaron Ga'llo, Marty Hogan and Eric Berry of the Starfleet Escape Podcast. This Star Trek topic show is enhanced with occasional comics and deep supplemental episode reviews. 

"This is the bridge, all hands to the Starfleet Escape PodCast! Welcome aboard. We are three Star Trek fans who get together on a regular basis to discuss all aspects of the Star Trek franchise. Each show center's around a topic, although we are known for going on tangents from time to time."

Misson Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast (08/16/13) - Listen Now

Our third subspace communique contacts co-hosts Ken Ray and John Champion of Mission Log a Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast. Ken & John aim to explore the entire Star Trek universe episode by episode from TOS through ENT.

"Mission Log is a Roddenberry Entertainment podcast with the sole purpose of exploring the Star Trek universe one episode at a time. That's right, this podcast will cover six different series and 30 seasons of television by journeying into every one of the 726 episodes with a single mission: to explore, debate and discuss one of the largest science fiction phenomena of all time, Star Trek." 

The Delta Quadrant: A Star Trek Voyager Podcast (08/23/13) - Listen Now

Our fourth show is helmed by another stranded crew, Matt Hansen, Ben McCullock, Melissa Woinarowicz and Geno Younger of The Delta Quadrant : A Star Trek Voyager Podcast. Part of the Trek Mate Family Network. This fine ship, this fine crew aim to journey all the way from the far flung season one pilot to Voyagers Endgame 172 episodes later.

"The original and still the best Star Trek: Voyager podcast, the Delta Quadrant has a mission to review each and every episode of Voyager in the order in which it aired. Hosted by Matt Hansen and JD with guest appearances from other members of the TrekMate family and often a special guest.."

This Week In Trek (08/30/13) - Listen Now

Wrapping up this month I am joined by Mike Gaines & Darrell Skeels who always have something to say about Star Trek in This Week in Trek. These two  cover episodes, toys, models, events, movies, and all of the latest Trek news.

"Mike - I suppose that it was my fascination with the science of Star Trek, coupled with my love of gadgets in the real world that got me into computers. Learning how they worked made me appreciate them more, even though I knew at the time you couldn’t talk to them (yet). So Star Trek has been a large influence in my life. I couldn’t be happier that it exists.

Darrell - In the days before The Next Generation I considered myself the “champion of all things Star Trek”.  I could name an episode from the first images, and recite every line from memory. Often it may seem that I am hyper-critical of Star Trek and its spin-offs, but this is done out of love.  I want the very best for Star Trek and want it to maintain its spirit as was envisioned by its creator, Gene Roddenberry.  If a version of Trek isn’t how Gene would have done it, then I’m not going to support it."