Troop 37 - Target "Share the Force" at LA Live


A full troop weekend at the Target LA Live "Share the Force" event. The weather was getting colder but the fans were out in force thanks the the Disney on Ice event at the neighboring Stables Center. I posed for more pictures than I ever had before, but it was so much fun working the crowd. Between photo setups with Vader or R2 I walked up and down the que lines giving high fives and taking Stormtrooper selfies.  Always fun to troop with my friends when the crowd is as excited for Star Wars as we are. I also got to try out my new electro-binoculars prop. One kid asked me if it was for calling in an orbital strike like the Battlefront video game!

Use the Force to take on your opponents build a TIE Fighter with LEGO Master Builders, journey through Star Wars history, make your own Star Wars origami, shop exclusive Star Wars T-shirts, and much more. December 12 & 13, 10am – 10pm. Free admission!
  • Use the Force, for real, and use your mind to take on your opponents.
  • Build a Force Awakens TIE Fighter alongside LEGO Master builders
  • See some of the rarest Star Wars collectibles in the galaxy
  • Watch an awesome Galaxy Show
  • Make your own Star Wars origami
  • Shop exclusive Star Wars gear
  • 17,000 square feet of Star Wars fun!
  • Check out for cool Star Wars gear
Darren MoserTroop, 60, Stormtrooper