Troop 42 - Jethawks Star Wars Night


Part 2 of the Inland Empire Road Trip. We came out in force making up half of the weekends attendees! This was my first fully officer troop and I had a great time! It was warm, around 97 degrees but a constant breeze helped. It was great getting to troop with others I normally never see as they live up near Bakersfield. 

One of my favorite parts of the night were walking the entire stands to raise money for charity. We raised over $600 for a local no kill animal shelter. The other highlight of the night was being a handler for Lord Vader. It was his second troop and being neck deep in the crowds is tough on the most popular Star Wars character. I helped handle the picture groups, and held his lightsaber for him as he signed baseballs, jerseys and backpacks for all of the cub scouts and attendees. I had a great time. 

Darren MoserTroop, 60, Officer