Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon are the nights I share with my daughter my sheer awe of the cosmos and pride in our space program.

In this mini podcast I teach my 4yo daughter about space exploration, astronomy and history. To ignite the spark of curiosity and cause her skyward gaze to be filled with wonder. If you would like to contribute to our patreon you will be not only helping me produce this show but allowing me to purchase books, videos and field trips to better communicate the wonders of space to Lizzy.

My hope is that Goodnight Moon will be something that can be shared with your own children and lead to many great discussions about space and exploration. Use the links below to further your discovery on each episodes topic.

Goodnight Moon is now hosted on where I also podcast about Star Trek on Ceti Alpha 3. Lizzy and I are joining some amazing podcasts covering so many great topics.

Patreon Thank You

Thank you to our patrons on Patreon for supporting the development of this show and Lizzy's further education of space.