021 Star Trek Neuroscience with Dr. Trekkie

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Dr. Sci-Fi is joined by Dr. Trekkie (Darrell Porcello) of the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley California. We delve into a dozen iconic Star Trek episodes, all dealing with the mind. From Spock's Brain to Frame of Mind, just how many neuroscience pamphlets did the writers come across while writing Star Trek?

Show Notes

The Original Series

S1 E5 The Enemy Within

S3 E6 Spock's Brain

The Next Generation

S1 E15 11001001

S4 E17 Night Terrors

S4 E19 The Nth Degree

S5 E14 Conundrum

S5 E25 The Inner Light

S6 E21 Frame of Mind

Deep Space Nine

S1 E5 Babel

S4 E19 Hard Time

S6 E13 Far Beyond the Stars


S1 E8 Ex Post Facto

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