026 The Delta Quadrant - Trek Podcast Month


Welcome to the Dr. Sci-Fi Trek Podcast Month. This month I am interviewing a host of talented people, all of whom have funneled their passion for Star Trek into an audio podcast.

This week I joined by another stranded crew, Matt Hansen, Ben McCullock, Melissa Woinarowicz and Geno Younger of The Delta Quadrant : A Star Trek Voyager Podcast. Part of the Trek Mate Family Network. This fine ship, this fine crew aim to journey all the way from the far flung season one pilot to Voyagers Endgame 172 episodes later. Along the way there will be many trips to the brig, detours to pretty nebulas and good trek conversation among friends. I promise we'll make it back home.

Show Notes

Favorite Episode: Melissa - Star Trek Into Darkness review

Favorite Episode: Geno - S4:E7 Scientific Method

Favorite Episode: Matt - New crew episodes

Favorite Episode: Ben - S3:E8-9 Futures End

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