027 This Week in Trek - Trek Podcast Month


Welcome to the Dr. Sci-Fi Trek Podcast Month. This month I am interviewing a host of talented people, all of whom have funneled their passion for Star Trek into an audio podcast. This week I joined by Mike Gaines and Darrell Skeels, Hosts of This Week in Trek.

Show Notes

Mike - This Week in Tech

Tech News Today

Darrell - Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

Mission Log Podcast


Guest Communication

iTunes - This Week In Trek

Website - This Week In Trek

Twitter - This Week In Trek @thisweekintrek

Twitter - Mike Gaines @starmike

Twitter - Darrell Skeels @TheTrekNerd

Show Communications

Dr. Sci-Fi.com

Twitter - Darren Moser @drscifi

Twitter - The Dr. Sci-Fi Show @thedrscifishow

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