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Literary Treks 63: Worfan the Barbarian

6/9/2014 Literary Treks

I join Christopher Jones and my Earl Grey Co-hosts Phillip Gilfus & Daniel Proulx to discuss this unusual adventure, the telepathic capabilities of Vulcan, Romulans, and Betazoids, questionable Klingon fashion sense, and why you should be careful not to let comic stunt doubles wander into the frame. We cover WildStorm's four-part comic series The Killing Shadows.


Warp Five 37: Mean-Spirited Siri

4/25/2014 Warp Five

I join Christopher Jones on Warp Five to discuss one of my favorite Enterprise episodes, Dead Stop.  In what is essentially a sequel to “Minefield,” the NX-01 puts in for repair at a mysterious facility that provides near-magical services for a bargain price. It also makes a mean plate of fried catfish.

The Ready Room 138: The Raid Reference

4/22/2014 The Ready Room

I join Christopher Jones, Mike Schindler, and Max Hegel in discussing one of my favorite TNG episodes, the "Die Hard in Space", Starship Mine. Chris and I also cover some weekly Trek news.

The Ready Room 133: A Secret Fascination with Trains

3/12/2014 The Ready Room

I join Phillip Gilfus, Daniel Proulx, and Christopher Jones to discuss the antepenultimate episode of The Next Generation, “Emergence,” What Brannon Braga described as an attempt to create the ultimate holodeck story, and the tag-team PowerPoint prowess of Data and Geordi.

To The Journey 63: The Q and the Earl Grey

2/27/2014 To The Journey

I join the combined crew of the Earl Grey and To The Journey podcasts for a discussion of Q with a look at his appearances on Voyager.