Darren, Daniel, and Phillip are marooned on Ceti Alpha 3. Join the trio as they discuss 50 years of Trek TV series and feature films each week.
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Goodnight Moon are the nights I share with my daughter my sheer awe of the cosmos and pride in the American space program.
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Hosts Phillip, Daniel and Darren explore every aspect of Star Trek: TNG in this weekly topical show.
September 2013 - August 2016
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Welcome to The Dr. Sci-Fi Show, a weekly podcast of first time sci-fi experiences & space exploration.
March 2013 - July 2014
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I have been a podcaster since early 2013 and I love it. Be it talking science fiction with my good friends, or adding my own commentary to a movie or television show. I have a scheduled conversation every week with fun people talking about things I love. If you can talk with passion about what excites you, then you can podcast anything. Podcasts also have seasons, they evolve over time, change hosts, change formats and reach the end of their run. But there is always the next show to make you want to talk back to your podcatcher app and join in the discussion.
— Darren Moser

Podcast Appearances

90: Darren Moser - The Time of the Niche

6/23/2015 Show Me Your Mic

I am once again interviewed by Chris Enns of the SSKTN network. "Show Me Your Mic" focuses on podcast hosts, their gear and setup. It's been over two years since I last joined Chris talking about Dr. Sci-Fi. This time we talk about Earl Grey and the Trek.fm network.

To The Journey 117: BridgeMates Rematch

2/27/2015 To The Journey

 In Earl Grey 82, "When in Doubt Choose Data," Char and Tristan emerged victorious in BridgeMates, the "how well do you know your cohost" game show. In this To The Journey/Earl Grey rossover, Phillip Gilfus reprises his role as game show host as once again Char and Tristan face off against Darren Moser and Daniel Proulx in a Voyager-style rematch. 

The 602 Club 23: A Living 1930's Comic Book

3/26/2015 The 602 Club

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Megan Calcote and Darren Moser to talk about Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. We discuss our first encounters with the movie, the story, the revolutionary nature of the film, the look, the fun sci-fi gadgets, the cast and characters, the music, wrapping up with final thoughts, ratings and why everyone should watch Sky Captain.  

THE 602 CLUB 19: A Page-Turner of a movie

2/27/2015 The 602 Club

In this episode of The 602 Club, host Matthew Rushing is joined by Darren Moser and Norman C. Lao to discuss the Rocketeer. We discuss the comic and whether the movie is an improvement, our first experiences with the film, Joe Johnson learning from the masters on how to direct a homage to the serial, the story, the cast, the music and whether or not it still holds up. 


The 602 Club 6: Ken Burns' Film From the Future

12/1/2014 The 602 Club

In this episode of The 602 Club, host Matthew Rushing is joined by Darren Moser and Norman C. Lao to discuss the release of Interstellar. From their first impressions, to characters, robots, and ship designs, they try not to get lost in the fifth dimension all while trying to keep the show under the running time of the movie.

The 602 Club 5: All My Skyes

11/24/2014 The 602 Club

In this episode of The 602 Club, host Matthew Rushing is joined by Darren Moser and Norman Lao to talk about Marvel and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Together we discuss the continuity the show shares with the films and the problems that causes, as well as the benefits. I show the world why the panel should be writing for television as they dig into the characters.

Episode 21: Post Power Morphicon Wrap Up Part Two

9/13/2014 Ranger Command Power Hour

I join @trekkieb47 @secretrangerfan & @TheCinemaSlob to talk about my time at Power Morphicon 4 where I hung out with the Ranger Command Power Hour crew. Met the true voice of Goldar and saved the day with In-N-Out burger.

Episode 46: Star Trek Turns 48

9/8/2014 The Starfleet Escape PodCast

I join Aaron Gallo to talk about the 48th anniversary of Star Trek. We’ll also discuss recent Star Trek news and ask the Star Trek community if they would go into space if given the opportunity.

Literary Treks 63: Worfan the Barbarian

6/9/2014 Literary Treks

I join Christopher Jones and my Earl Grey Co-hosts Phillip Gilfus & Daniel Proulx to discuss this unusual adventure, the telepathic capabilities of Vulcan, Romulans, and Betazoids, questionable Klingon fashion sense, and why you should be careful not to let comic stunt doubles wander into the frame. We cover WildStorm's four-part comic series The Killing Shadows.

Warp Five 37: Mean-Spirited Siri

4/25/2014 Warp Five

I join Christopher Jones on Warp Five to discuss one of my favorite Enterprise episodes, Dead Stop.  In what is essentially a sequel to “Minefield,” the NX-01 puts in for repair at a mysterious facility that provides near-magical services for a bargain price. It also makes a mean plate of fried catfish.

The Ready Room 138: The Raid Reference

4/22/2014 The Ready Room

I join Christopher Jones, Mike Schindler, and Max Hegel in discussing one of my favorite TNG episodes, the "Die Hard in Space", Starship Mine. Chris and I also cover some weekly Trek news.

The Ready Room 133: A Secret Fascination with Trains

3/12/2014 The Ready Room

I join Phillip Gilfus, Daniel Proulx, and Christopher Jones to discuss the antepenultimate episode of The Next Generation, “Emergence,” What Brannon Braga described as an attempt to create the ultimate holodeck story, and the tag-team PowerPoint prowess of Data and Geordi.

To The Journey 63: The Q and the Earl Grey

2/27/2014 To The Journey

I join the combined crew of the Earl Grey and To The Journey podcasts for a discussion of Q with a look at his appearances on Voyager.

Warp Five 28: A Little Less Wetsuit, A Little More Laser Pointer

2/14/2014 Warp Five

I join Christopher Jones and Tyler Johnson on Warp Five as they tap my Trek knowledge to discuss the Borg’s appearance on Enterprise, whether Picard should have cleaned up after himself in the Arctic so Archer wouldn’t have to.

The Delta Quadrant: 5x11 - Latent Image

2/13/2014 The Delta Quadrant

I join the crew of the Delta Quadrant Podcast as we review Latent Image from Star Trek: Voyager.

The Ready Room 122: They’ve Leflerized the World

12/4/2014 The Ready Room

I join Christopher Jones, Daniel Proulx, and Phillip Gilfus to discuss the fifth season Next Generation episode The Game. How Robin and Wesley make the perfect geek date, how the episode foreshadows technology addiction and the modern world of smartphone-gazing, the problem with Data’s off switch, why the crew is so happy to see Wesley back on the ship, and why Worf is so proud of his cake.

The Ready Room 111: Bird-of-Prey Selfies

9/10/2013 The Ready Room

I join Phillip Gilfus, Daniel Proulx, and Christopher Jones to find out why Picard envies Riker, how to roll up Klingon stereotypes and diversity into one episode, and why being lactose intolerant may not be a good condition to have when serving in the KDF.

The Ready Room 107: Orange is the New Grey

8/6/2013 The Ready Room

I join Charlynn Schmiedt, Christopher Jones, and Mike Rittenhouse to discuss The Q and the Grey, how the episode rewrites the very nature of the Q, and the battle for the future of the Continuum.

4: Darren Moser aka Dr. Sci-Fi

3/14/2013 Show Me Your Mic

I am interviewed by Chris Enns of the SSKTN network. "Show Me Your Mic" focuses on podcast hosts, their gear and setup. I was only a few episodes in to The Dr. Sci-Fi Show but wanted to talk about all of the thought I had placed into the how and why of the podcast.