My pips are in the mail!

I received a very unexpected gift last month, a red command uniform top from my good trekkie friend Jesus. Now this is not a complete uniform as I still need to add rank pips, a com badge, v foot pants and boots.


This costume will be incredibly easier to finish than my Stormtrooper project, but perhaps finishing it off will help get the cosplay part of my brain going into high gear. (watch out wallet!) 

I ordered my captain Star Trek: The Next Generation pips from X Scapes.  They have a magnetic back (correction they have a pin back, so I will have to add magnets) so I can keep the 4 slot back in place and change my rank between Captain, Commander, Lieutenant or Ensign.

The next step will be to order a com badge. I have my eye on the one from Think Geek, but it is sadly out of stock at the moment. It is fully metal and has a magnetic back!