Star Trek Las Vegas 50th

Las Vegas, Navada

As part of the JJ exchange program I ventured to the Star Trek Las Vegas 50th convention at the Rio resort. Working up all the courage I had I donned my Stormtrooper armor and walked into the heart of the convention. Donning a magnetic communicator badge to contact my handlers I had a great time. 
Before I even hit the main floor people were telling me the droid I was looking for was down the hallway. Ha ha, I've heard that one before. But they were right, R2-D2 from the Imperial Sands garrison was there. I busted into his circle of admirers shouting "You though't I wouldn't find you here!?!" His handler reacted perfectly having R2 skitter away. Everyone enjoyed seeing a TK walking around and asked for pictures. It was fun posing with all of the cool props at the convention.
Of the few "naysayers" who asked if I was lost or, why I was at the wrong convention my simple party line of "I'm part of the JJ exchange program." always drew a smile and a nod. But in my heart I new I needn't have worried, we're all nerds and we love our sci-fi. 

Darren MoserTroop, 60