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Space Shuttle Endeavour Travel Itinerary from Florida to California

Ever since NASA announced the final homes for the four remaining space shuttles I have been ecstatic about Endeavour's trip out to California. Endeavour will be on display in the Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavour Display Pavilion, at the California Science Center beginning October 30, 2012. I can only imagine the amount of engineering and planning it will take to guide the shuttle along the city streets with it's tail hight of 58 feet and wingspan of 78 feet.

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TIME Magazine: MARS 1997 Sojourner - 2012 Curiosity Covers

This months time magazine for August 2012 is graced by an artist image of the Martian rover, Curiosity. "MARS" fills a fourth of the cover image, taking more space then the iconic "Time" at the top. When I pulled this periodical from the stacks it triggered an old memory. I felt that I had seen this cover before. When upon my next visit to my parent's attic storage of my youth, I was able to pull out one of my "save it" boxes. Old school papers, newspaper clippings, Star Trek Voyager TV guides and magazines filled this box.

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