Troop 68 - Hollywood Christmas Parade



This was my third year marching in the Hollywood Christmas Parade. I've marched it as a Stormtrooper and as an Officers and now as a 7' tall droid! K-2SO joined Chopper, C-3PO and R2-D2 on the red carpet during the broadcast portion of the parade. I had a blast hanging out with the other droid builders.

Storytime. Just after dinner, we were about to head back to our droids to prep them for the parade. From this balcony, we could see the red carpet so we decided to take a group shot in case we couldn't find time for one later. "I" hand "My" phone to someone and ask them to take a picture of us, with the red carpet if they can.
After the picture was taken we start walking back. When I check my phone I find I was not included in said picture, but completely cut off! Ha ha!

Darren MoserTroop, 90, K-2SO