Star Trek Minimalist Movie Poster Set

With our newest addition to the home occupying both of my arms most of the time I have found it much easier to cue up movies and television shows on my Apple TV than selecting and inserting the corresponding DVD. I have thus begun transferring my most commonly watched episodes and films to iTunes. Usually I can scour the series of tubes for DVD covers to fill the album artwork, but these are usually rehashed for the DVD or Blu-ray release and don't reflect classic film posters of the day. My newest obsession is the admiration and creation of minimalist posters. These stunning works retell the 'story' of the film in a single iconic image. I have found great examples for Jurassic Park, Star Wars IV, V, and VI and the Back to the Future Trilogy.

I wanted a complete set of minimalist posters for the 13 Star Trek feature films, only to come up wanting. If a set does exist I could not find it. So, I made my own set. I chose to use the starships of Star Trek as the common theme, coupled with a solid no texture minimalist design. Some posters reflect a particular climatic scene, while others convey the spirit of the film overall. I hope you enjoy my poster set, feel free to click on each one if you want to purchase a print or poster. -Dr. Sci-fi