New at the Planetary Society


Today was more of a Sci day and less of a Fi day. My Planetary Society package arrived in the mail with 8 beautiful plant mini posters. (sorry pluto) Also included was my first issue of their magazine with some great articles on Ray Bradbury, light pollution and the Curiosity rover.

I don't have any Bradbury on my night stand at the moment but I want to read some of his Martian Chronicles. It also makes me want to get around to watching John Carter.

The light pollution article struck an interesting point. Our view of the cosmos is slowly being removed by city lights. Makes me want to live in a more rural area and just shoot star time-lapse photography for a year.

As mentioned in some of my previous posts I have a soft spot for Curiosity. My best friend Stephen worked on the rover over the last few years while he was at JPL. Now that is just cool! So the fact that this mission and the landing was such a success makes me smile every day.

On a more somber note the first human to set foot on another celestial body, Neil Armstrong had passed away. As my daughter grows up I will make sure she knows the name of Armstrong and the power of human ingenuity. My uncle, who worked for JPL had a wooden space shuttle toy he made for his daughter. I want to make a similar toy out of the Curiosity rover for my little one to take on adventures around her bedroom and into her imagination.