Star Trek: The Next Generation cast on @Twitter

With Marina Sirtis joining Twitter, the entire principal cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation can be found on the social  network site!

Patrick Stewart - Captain Jean-Luc Picard - @SirPatStew

Jonathan Frakes -  Commander William Riker - @jonathansfrakes

LeVar Burton - Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge - @levarburton

Michael Dorn - Lt. Worf - @akaWorf

Gates McFadden - Doctor Beverly Crusher - @gates_mcfadden

Marina Sirtis - Lt. Commander Dianna Troi - @Marina_Sirtis

Brent Spiner - Lt. Commander Data - @BrentSpiner

Wil Wheaton - Wesley Crusher - @wilw

Extended Cast

John de Lancie - Q - @johndelancie

Whoopi Goldberg - Guinan - @WhoopiGoldberg

Latest Episode

006 Jurassic Park 3D

Hold on to your butts! Darren and Maureen compare Jurassic Park the film with Jurassic Park the book in honor of the film's 20th anniversary re-release in 3D. Jurassic Park breeds Frankenstein-style hubris with cutting-edge special effects (circa 1993). We spared no expense.