New Star Trek Podcast Launched - Earl Grey


I am so honored and excited to announce my latest Podcast project, "Earl Grey". This show is completely dedicated to Star Trek: The Next Generation (my favorite series) as part of the podcast network. I was approached by Christopher Jones, the head of to come onboard and bring my vast knowledge of technobabble, saucer separations and trek characters to his podcast lineup.

Daniel, Phillip and I have really hit it off, playing Star Trek Scene It online, and having many multi-hour long discussions about Star Trek, Sci-Fi and podcasting. So thank you Chris, Charlynn, Daniel and Phillip. I look forward to boldly going along with my favorite Sci-Fi franchise.

Listen to our first episode "A Little Imzadi Relationship". The three of us share how TNG became our favorite Star Trek series. Press Release

Star Trek fan community and podcast network announced today the launch of a new show dedicated to Star Trek: The Next Generation. The weekly show, titled "Earl Grey" is hosted by Daniel Proulx, Darren Moser, and Phillip Gilfus.

The show takes its name from Captain Picard's favorite replicated beverage. Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Rather than reviewing episodes of the series, “Earl Grey” will examine specific elements of The Next Generation. This could include a specific character, a technology, a plot device, or even teaching you to speak a little Klingon.  It's a new brew on the series that brought Star Trek back to television.

Darren  @drscifi 

Darren @drscifi 

 Phillip  @ncpublicservant

 Phillip @ncpublicservant

Daniel  @1updan

Daniel @1updan

An additional contribution comes from veteran CG artist Tobias Richter, who leads the renowned design studio The Light Works in Cologne, Germany. would like to extend this biggest of thanks to Tobias for providing an amazing render of the USS Enterprise 1701-D for use on the cover and site art for “Earl Grey.” You can find all of Tobias’s amazing work at “Earl Grey” is currently available for streaming and MP3 download on the website at The show is also available through iTunes in an enhanced format with chapters, artwork, and embedded hyperlinks, and through Stitcher.