Dr.Sci-Fi on the Sci-Fi Cast


Well I am sci-fi speechless! I am a huge fan of the 70's decibels network. Entrepreneur Myke Hurley drew several amazing shows together into an impressive network of tech, geek, productivity and mac podcasts. Instacast, my podcatcher of choice sits firmly on my home screen because of these shows. My favorite show on the network is The Sci-fi Cast.

Each week Ged @gedeon and Dave @davidcaolo explore a single topic and its influence on sci-fi television, books and film. After enjoying this season of the Sci-fi Cast so much I reached out to Ged and Dave to see if they would be willing to let me guest host on one of their future episodes. After some back and forth on twitter they welcomed me into one of their Sci-fi Skype recording sessions for Episode 8. I even got to pick the topic! This episodes topic was Star Trek: The Next Generation! I am so blessed to get to share my love of Science Fiction and TNG with two awesome Trekkies who really know their stuff.

I hope you enjoy listening to Ged, Dave and I discuss some truly amazing Sci-fi.

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